project process

Our comprehensive range of renovation services will include all of the resources you need to take your project smoothly from the initial consultation to the design and construction phases with ease. Working closely with you, using our four stage process we will ensure the progress of your project is clear, straightforward and easy to understand.


Your project will begin with an exciting consultation.

As we discuss your initial ideas and questions, explore the site and talk about the services we can offer you, together we will begin to shape your wishes into a real renovation project for your home.

Fusing your dreams and our expertise, we will work together to ensure all of your desires for the outcome of your renovation are clearly understood and incorporated into the project spec. This initial consultation is free, with no obligation for us to move on to the next stage with you – although we hope we do!


With all your wishes and needs carefully recorded, our multi-disciplinary team will meet together a number of times, to transform your initial ideas into a full-scale proposal for your renovation project.

Using the full spectrum of our expertise, we will think about your project conceptually and practically, leaving no stone unturned to create a robust proposal with accurate measurements, a detailed budget, information about all legal considerations and precise drawings to present to you.


We will present our concept design to you, ensuring you have plenty of time to ask questions and share your thoughts.

We will clearly explain any legal considerations involved, such as planning permission and building regulations. We will detail how we will manage each part of the project and what you can expect to see at every stage.

Together, we will consider the budget and the reasoning behind any changes that have occurred during the creation of the design.

Work Begins

Once all of the plans are finalised and agreed, we will be ready to start the build.

Throughout the building stage, our team will ensure your project delivers as expected. We will manage every aspect of the build for you and your personal project manager will always be on hand if you need to ask any questions.

Our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring every project is delivered to the highest standard, in fact, our aim is to always exceed your expectations.

When the build is complete, we will ensure every finish is perfect, down to the very last fixture.